Odds and Ends For the End of the World

by The Rough & Tumble

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Here is the sacred dumping grounds, the shelf you put your keys on, the Post-it Notes of all the later things we decided to do now, instead. No frills, no fancy. Just a few spare parts that will hold off the end as long as we can muster.


released December 20, 2016

Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler are responsible for all noises, with occasional snoring dog sounds by Butter and/or Pud.



all rights reserved


The Rough & Tumble Nashville, Tennessee

The Rough & Tumble met a long time ago, reminded themselves why they were making music every time they ran into each other, and finally joined forces. Now they do everything together, including grocery shopping and walking Tumble's dog. They also consistently coordinate their outfits. ... more


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Track Name: You Are The Age
"You Are The Age"
Written by Mallory Graham and Scott Tyler
Copyright 2016 Penny Jar Publishing (SESAC)

You are the age that I thought you'd be,
As young as my hands and as old as my feet.
You are so small I can't see you at all,
As young as I am and as old as I used to be.

The moon is made of same as you--
And the mouse in my bed,
She/he/they will eat you right out of my head.

I put you into the kitchen drawer,
Close to the sink and far from the door.
In one year's time you opened just fine,
But you had to go, you couldn't live here no more.
Track Name: The Rambler
This just in floating down the Cumberland
Writers wrong, singer's song
He'll say "steer your dark ships through the dead of night
Pennies laid down in both your eyes
Pitch and roll and crash on in
From the Cumberland."

There he spins down by the Cumberland
Like a song to ferry on
Grabbing catfish tails in the day's moonlight
Mark Twain calling from the starboard side
Drunk as a stone that fell on in
Into the Cumberland

Lead me...
Oh Rambler lead me on

It's sink or swim down by the Cumberland
Rising stars with shark toothed scars
He'll say "I watched this river for a hundred years
Hellion high waters for each singer's tears
Take your love and jump on in
Into the Cumberland."

Lead me...
Oh Rambler lead me on

This just in floating down the Cumberland
Rambler's Blues, wandering shoes
He'll say "I wrote that story, I wrote that song
I wrote that ache in your traveling bones."
We're all waiting on a word to float on in
From the Cumberland
Track Name: Talking Singing In A Bar
Years back there was a murder on music row
Now we got ourselves a network TV show
Songwriters can't pay their rent
And you can watch it on your TV set or HULU video

Hey Bartender!
A whiskey neat!
Pass around the tip jar 'cause we got no guarantee!

The bat tower is looking out at us tonight
With promise of change under Broadway's lights-
Mother Church please let us in,
We promise you our next of kin to sing on your radio show

Hey Bartender!
A vodka please!
Someone's got a bachelor party on table 23!
Hey Bartender!
One rum, please!
I got no happy birthdays left to sing inside of me!

Got ourselves a wildcard in the front row,
Someone to the left of stage has got a new iPhone.
No matter what ESPN team that we seem to be up against again,
We're always 5 and oh, oh, oh, oh....we're not winning though.

Hey Bartender...Tequila please.
Hey Bartender...A gin martini.
Hey Bartender...a cosmopolitan.
Hey Bartender...a 7 and 7.
Hey Bartender...I'll drink your Bud Light Lime.
Hey Bartender...your sourest white wine.
Hey Bartender...I'll drink up your bottom shelf.
Hey Bartender... we could use a little help.
Hey Bartender... a little something please.
Whatever you've slung for the lowest wrung
won't you sling one more for me.

Whatever you've slung for the lowest wrung
won't you sling one more for me...and I'll sing one more for me.
Track Name: Sacred Alchemy (with Kelsey Pray)
Sacred Alchemy
by Kelsey Pray, Mallory Graham, and Scott Tyler

Like River I’m on the quickest path down.
Like River I’m carving my name in the ground.
Like River I’m moving the dirt from the mound.
No stone thrown, no fallen oak gonna dam me up now

On bed shore I’m biding my time on the ground.
On bed shore I’m hiding whispers from those who are trawling around.
On bed shore I’m rippling the sight of the sound.
No derelict no fishing line gonna hold me up now.
Hold me up now. Hold me up now,
Hold me up now. Hold me up now.

Like water can’t fall down this tap on my own.
Like water, I wash down the sink and the soap.
Like water, drains just another way round.
I got a home in the clouds someday I’m gonna come back down.
Come back down. I’m gonna come back down.
Come back down. I’m gonna come back down. Oooooo

No precipice no sycamore. No jetsam, no holy war.
I got a home in the clouds some day I’m gonna come back down.
Track Name: If I Was A Hippopotamus
If I was a hippopotamus,
If I was a kangaroo,
If I was a black rhinoceros-us
I'd still be loving you.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...

I would splish-splash in the water,
I would hip-hop 'round the room,
I don't know what black rhinoceroses do
If they can't have you.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...

Won't you stop your zebra striping
And babble like a big baboon?
I'll octo-put my arms around you--
We'll have such a hullabaloo-baloooooo.

Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo...